Steel Media

Our steel media are proven effective for use on a wide variety of parts. Our experts can help you select and test media to ensure you get optimum results.


  • Patented abrasive surface puts teeth into finishing
  • Fast, heavy deburring, burnishing and material removal

  • Round balls with flats for more critical finishing requirements

  • Taper to pointed ends
  • Reaches into recesses and grooves
  • Deflashes through holes and cleans threaded areas

  • Creates oscillating motion in the finishing mass
  • Provides more surface-to-surface contact than balls

  • Round balls with slight flattening at the poles

  • Center flange and tapered crowns
  • Provides contact in angles and on curved surfaces
  • Small sizes for ornamental designs

  • Diagonally-cut ends with beveled edges effectively finish corner
  • Cylindrical body for a wide area of contact

  • Combines burnishing abilities of balls and cones in a scientifically proportioned shape