Plastic Media

Our plastic media are proven effective for use on a wide variety of parts. Our experts can help you select and test media to ensure you get optimum results.


  • Unique shape enables them to deburr difficult to reach areas without lodging
  • Wears extremely well due to having no sharp edges

  • Provides best cutting action by combining deburring surfaces of other media shapes
  • Reaches into holes and slots without lodging

  • Excellent surface contact
  • minimizes lodging
  • Reaches hard to finish corners, slots and angles

  • Combines the advantages of triangle and cylinders
  • Penetrates into corners, slots, and angles

  • Can replace three or more sizes of media
  • Three points allow a variety of uses from simple to intricate applications

  • Fits into difficult finishing areas
  • Designed to resist lodging

  • Gives maximum surface contact while reducing the chance of a lodging
  • Permanently retains shape