Shot Blast | Media

There are various types of Blasting Media available to you through Whirl Industries.

Please take advantage of our Process lab to see what we can do with the finish of your parts.


Green Silicon Carbide-Specialty grain

  • Used almost exclusively in the manufacturing of grinding wheels, mounted points and honing stones
Glass Bead-All-purpose media

  • Hones, polishes, peens, blends, finishes, removes light burrs, or cleans light foreign matter
  • Can be used to detect weld and solder flaws
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
Ceramic Shot-Dustless

  • Cleans, satin finishes, deburrs, and tumbles
  • Exceptional working life
  • Can be used for stainless steel and nonferrous metal surfaces
Crushed Glass

  • Sharp, more aggressive media
  • Used when glass chemical properties are desired
Corn cob

  • Soft-grit blasting material
  • Removes light foreign matter such as carbon, oil and dirt without affecting surfaces
Brown Aluminum Oxide

  • Extremely fast cutting
  • Can produce an ‘anchor’ pattern to prep for re-coating
  • Removes heavy foreign matter, deburrs, frosts glass and letters stone
  • Can be reused many times
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Available in a wheel grade grain
Black Silicon Carbide

  • Hard, sharp abrasive
  • Used in grinding wheels, honing stones, coated and loose abrasive applications
White Aluminum Oxide

  • Used primarily in the production of grinding wheels and honing stones
  • Used when iron contamination is a concern or as a refractory material in the investment casting process
  • Blasting applications include dental labs and aerospace parts
Walnut Shells

  • Removes foreign matter or coating without etching, scratching or marring the cleaned areas
  • Cleans delicate molds, armatures and electric motors prior to rewinding
Steel Shot

  • Causes a peening action and produces a dimpled surface
  • Peens and cleans heavy forgings and removes heat-treating scale
Steel Grit

  • Cleans quickly
  • Ideal to prep surface for a new coating
  • Can be mixed with grit to achieve unique finishes
Baking Soda

  • Soft, Single pass media
  • Cleans and de-paints machines, dies , molds and presses
  • De-greases and strips almost any material without substrate damage

  • High tensile, compressible and flexible strength, combined with comparatively low hardness
  • Deflashes plastic parts and cleaning molds, dies, electronic connections and circuit boards
  • Deburrs machined-iron castings and nonferrous screw machine parts

  • Used primarily for wet blast applications
Jet Mag

  • Used in replacement of Silica Sand